Scent mixing. Perfume layering. Fragrance cock-tailing.

Whatever you may call it, the art of mixing two or more scents together is an under-the-radar technique that women have been using for ages. Not sure where to start? We spoke with Diana, Founder and CEO of Perfume Power, and asked for her advice on layering perfumes to create a truly unique scent. Because no one wants to catch a whiff of their “signature” scent on someone else.

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was a shrewd, accomplished woman. Among her talents was expertise at designing perfume. According to the historian Plutarch, when Cleopatra prepared to meet Marc Antony, she dressed like Venus, the goddess of love, and sailed in on a barge bedecked with gold and silver and so redolent with fragrance that “perfumes diffused themselves from the vessel to the shore.” By the next day, she had the ruler of the Middle East wrapped around her little finger.
Cleopatra doubtlessly knew what science has proven: Of all the senses, the sense of smell is most powerful in exciting passion. Smells are perceived by the brain’s limbic system, the same region that’s involved in mood and emotion. Aroma and emotion flow like two streams that converge.

Scent mixing. The art of layering fragrances. A mathematical conundrum, wherein scent plus scent does not equal two scents, but rather, a single, transcendental fragrance (or a powerfully disastrous odor, if you do it wrong). In the Middle East, layering fragrances is a revered ritual that can involve as many disparate elements as oils, perfumes, rose water, and infusing one’s hair and clothing with scented smoke from bakhoor.

It’s an elegant way to smell like an individual, rather than a walking perfume company billboard. But you have to do it with care.

Perfume Workshops for Special Events

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Perfume Power’s passion and goal is to entertain and educate corporate and private groups about the exciting world of perfume.
Corporate Events: Team Building, Award Ceremonies, Women’s Month, Secretaries Day, Wellness Month, Year End Conferences, Employee and Client Appreciation Days
Private Events: Kitchen Teas, Birthday Celebrations, Perfume Addicts
At all our perfume workshops we exhibit and sell a range of beautiful perfumes and perfume related accessories. Great care has been taken in sourcing unique, high quality and affordable products from all over the world for your enjoyment. Perfume testing is included at all events, giving our clients the opportunity to explore and discover our multi-award winning Eau de Parfums, concentrated perfume oils and perfume waxes.
Our perfume workshops are fun, interactive and informative. The intention is not to be overly scientific but rather practical and entertaining! These workshops can be done at your offices, hired venues or the comfort of your own home.

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