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Brendin Mark is an international photographer of 26 years and has bases in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Ireland and South Africa. His company, Photographix International specialises in event photography including corporate events, weddings, product and fashion photography. Brendin spent 6 years in the U.K. and has created a fresh and unique product in a ‘Storybook type album’ which can even include your honeymoon photographs, to create memories that last a lifetime.

Brendin was part of a team who wrote the Digital Imaging, (NVQ) National Vocational Qualifications for for the U.K. University, College, Photographic and Print industries and presented and lectured in Digital Photography and Photoshop courses in England, and would now like to pass on his vast photographic knowledge to budding and amateur photographers, and to anyone interested in photography, or who just want to learn how to take that prize winning photograph, by offering photography courses in South Africa.

The course includes the technical and creative side of photography including one practical assignment where you will recieve hands-on experience on what you have learned, and where he has a chance to advise you on using your particular camera.

Cost Starting from R1400 for 360 min
Subjects Digital Photography
Ages 16 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Are you interested in becoming a photographer, developing your skills or learning how to use your camera?
Imagine if you can take all the knowledge you gain from this course and use it to produce exceptional photographs during your holiday, safari, social event or even a wedding.

Let the picture tell a thousand words instead of trying to explain what the scene was supposed to have looked like!!

The course runs over two days, Saturday 9am-3pm (theory) & Sunday 6.30-11am (practical).

The course is designed to give you a good grounding and foundation into the fundamentals of photography so that at the end of the course you should be able to pick up any camera and take an exceptional photograph.
You don’t need a camera for the course and give advice on which camera to buy depending on what type of photography you are interested in.

Digital Photography Course

Module 1

The Camera: What is a camera? Types of cameras
The Lens: Focal length – Types of lenses – Classification of lenses
Exposure: Mechanisms used to control exposure
Aperture: Hole in the lens through which light enters the camera
Shutter Speed: Controls the duration for which the light is allowed to enter the camera
Depth of Field: What is in focus in front and behind your subject
Light & Flash: Qualities of light – Fill flash – Ambient light – Red eye


Third Dimension
Camera Format
Camera Angle
Choice of Lens
Visual Design

Digital Terms And Jargon
Printing – Saving,Downloading,Safe Facebooking and Social Networking

Module 2
Practical Assignment
Botanical Gardens

Where To From Here
Wildlife – Low light – Studio and Glamour photography workshops

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