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Hi, my name is Mike and I head up the drumming department and run the recording studio.

I started playing drums in church at the age of 12 as well as dabling with sound and recording from a young age. I randomly one night asked my parents for a drum kit for my birthday. My dad told me I could only get a kit if I learnt to play. MWAHAHA so thats exactly what I did. I started going for lessons with anyone who would teach me. I jammed for about 4 years before my parents bought me my kit (Which i still have today and is used in the Legacy drum room). At 16 I became the resident drummer for the church worship team as well as part of the sound team. Here I was to build my career in sound and drumming in an environment where regular “gigs” were readily available. Being a church setup it still gave me a leg up to meet other musicians and perform regularly. Here I also started my first band. At this point in time in my life the metal scene was the coolest thing ever. All 16yr old musicians wanted to be HARDCORE.

So, some friends and I started a metal band called Subdued. Ironic name I know, but it sounded cool so we went with it. We had many opportunities to record and gig building up a fair name for ourselves with the chance to do a music video. Once everyone left school and moved on the band eventually took a back seat. At the age of 18 I landed my first job as a drumming teacher at M&M Music Academy. Here I developed and grew on a different level to simply jamming in a band. Now it was serious. Now it was a case of you teach what you know. Its funny how in a situation like teaching, you realize how little you actually know. I taught at M&M for around 4 years where I grew exponentially, teaching over 50 students a week. I took all my grades and worked hard on gaining as much understanding of reading drum notation as I could.

I still continued with lessons where ever I could. I trained with Sean Nunan for a small while as well as Marius from Jam rock. Keith Coxan also popped in for a while to assist with some Latin skills. Eventually my future took a course which saw me moving on from my roots to begin a new journey with Legacy School of Music and the new drumming department. Here Ive had the absolute pleasure of working with the most amazing teachers and students. I find myself feeling blessed a little more everyday.

I know own and run both Legacy School of Music & Orange Tin Studios.

Cost Starting from R131 for 30 min
Subjects Drums
Ages 6 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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The classes here in the “Red Room” encompass everything you will need to be a stage performer. Starting at the bottom we work our way to the top strategically and confidently.

Each lesson is designed to bring you closer to your goal of becoming a competent drummer and musician.
Classes progress at your own pace and are dedicated to you. They are designed to be fun no matter what age.

With 2 drum kits side by side, teacher and student work together to complete the designated material. All lessons are written by the Legacy drum teachers and are strategically formulated to take you, the student, from strength to strength in a quick and carefree way.

Rockschool exams are taught and offered within the class. Rockschool is used in the early stages of the students development to work on band skills within the individuals playing. This is then taken to the main stage in our live performance hall should the student wish to perform. International exams are also optionally conducted within Rockschool as well.

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