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Jacques Peche has been teaching movement for the last 20 years to a wide range of students. He has worked with various clients from athletes, dancers, performing artists to rehab patients suffering from ailments like joint and lower back pain. As a sports conditioning and athletics coach he’s worked with institutions like SASCOC and ASA and consults on a regular basis with various sportsdevelopment programs. Currently he resides in Discovery in Roodepoort where he teaches clients sustainable exercise and nutritional habits.

Cost Starting from R150 for 60 min
Subjects functional movement, weight loss, sports conditioning, kettlebell, crossfit, capoeiira, primal movement, nutrition, raw eating, fermentation, mycology, permaculture
Ages 25 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

Lesson Info

We start of with proper movement and nutritional analysis so we know what your capabilities are.

Also we sit down with clients to establish SMART goals that works.

Movement and nutrition lessons follows according to what clients can learn and master. Some develop quicker some slower.

Movement and nutrition lessons takes the form of one-on-one, lessons, small group classes, bootcamps and workshops.

Clients further are assessed on a monthly and three monthly basis to keep perspective and avoid plateus.

We also have an accountabilty and complience sytem in place to keep clients focused on building healthy habits and keeping them on track.

Education – Healthy Habits – Consistency – Performance – Sustainability

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