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Training Utilities, Strand, Helderberg.

Special Area of Expertise:
Nutrition & fitness program design, weight loss strategies, muscle gains, conditioning & sports event or competition preparation, swimming and surfing.

Marq offers you an improved fitness level and quality of life through personalized training, surf coaching and surf specific training. His training techniques range from cross circuit, weight training, swimming, road & trail running, beach training, surfing, body-weight training, boxing, kettlebells, elastics and more.

Cost Starting from R190 for 60 min
Subjects Personal Training & Fitness Classes 1 on 1 or 1, on 2
Ages 16 – 65
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

Lesson Info

We provide…

PARQ & Lifestyle/Nutrition assessments »
Nutritional advice & Healthy eating template »
Ongoing progressive measurements »
Various training methods & progressive routines at affordable package deals »
Mobile Personal Training; Train from the comfort of your own home or outdoors »
Surfing Lessons & Beach fitness »
Online Fitness Store; Providing you core, functional gym equipment nationwide »
Providing all the needed tools so you just have to show up »

We can assist with…

Weight/Fat loss & Slimming & Toning »
Natural Muscle Gains »
Sports or event Preparation »
Nutritional Advice and Eating Plans »
Active Strain or Injury recovery (Moderate injuries) »
Improved quality of life, higher energy levels & motivation »
Stress reduction, lowered blood pressure & better sleep »
Online Shop with our favorite items, easy, safe and delivered »

Training Techniques range from…

Cross circuit »
Weight training »
Swimming »
Surfing & Beach Training »
Road and trail running »
Body-weight training »
Elastics & Stability Training »
Boxing »
Surf Specific Training »

What can You expect?

First Session: Physical Readiness Questionnaire & Measurements
Second Session: Variations of Exercises specifically tailored to your Goals & Fitness level!
Nutritional Guidance & Eating plans!
Ongoing Information on Fitness!
A healthy and improved you!

What do You need?

A Sweat Towel & Water bottle.
Appropriate & Comfortable clothing/shoes for a Workout session.
Boxing Gloves & Yoga Mat if you’re part of a Group Fitness option.
Beach Towel and Sunscreen if we’re going Surfing or Beach Training.
To Continuously strive for Healthy & Balanced eating. (second most important)
A Positive and Determined attitude toward Change & Self Improvement. (most important)

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