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Using a people-centric approach to personal training, I work with you, helping you find your strengths, iron out your weakness’s and get you to your goal. From the gym, to the kitchen, I’m able provide support, advice and motivation every step of the way. I avoid a rinse and repeat fitness formula, and instead focus on an individualised method, we are all different, and I’m here to teach you to dig deep, work with what you’ve got and rise to your best.

Cost Starting from R300 for 60 min
Subjects Fitness coach, nutrition and supplement advice
Ages 18 – 70
Levels Beginner, Intermediate,
Experience 1 – 3 Years

Lesson Info

I offer one on one, as well as couples/buddy training and also do small group training.

I offer nutritional & supplementation advice.

I can provide eating plans and workout plans at R300 each.

I make my clients lift weights, do cardiovascular exercises, help strengthen the base of the body – Core & pelvis and stretch them as needed.

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