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1. Perfume – Your Secret Weapon in Social Networking: Discover the power and benefits of fragrance in your professional and personal life. By creating a greater sense of awareness the workshop reveals how fragrance can work positively in different environments and ultimately impacting overall well-being. This is a topic that has gained popularity in Corporates and is suitable for male and female audiences.

2. Secrets to finding your ‘Signature Scent’: Practical and powerful tips for shopping and selecting your ‘Signature Scent’ will be covered, minimizing the risks and costs associated with poor buying decisions.

3. Being Fabulously Fragranced – Making a Lasting Impression: How best to adorn with perfume when applying, enhancing staying power and ensuring longevity of your perfume, guaranteeing that you will become ‘Scent Smart’ and enjoy your perfume to the full extent.

4. Perfume Wardrobing: Valuable guidelines will be shared on the impact seasons, moods, life style and occasions have on deciding which perfumes to include in your wardrobe, encouraging flexibility and appropriateness.

These perfume workshops are approximately 1.5 hours long, with 30 minutes afterwards to test and explore the fragrances.

Cost Starting from R2000 for 120 min
Subjects Perfume Lessons
Ages 16-60
Experience e: 5 – 8 Years

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Perfume Power’s passion and goal is to entertain and educate corporate and private groups about the exciting world of perfume.

Corporate Events: Team Building, Award Ceremonies, Women’s Month, Secretaries Day, Wellness Month, Year End Conferences, Employee and Client Appreciation Days
Private Events: Kitchen Teas, Birthday Celebrations, Perfume Addicts

At all our perfume workshops we exhibit and sell a range of beautiful perfumes and perfume related accessories. Great care has been taken in sourcing unique, high quality and affordable products from all over the world for your enjoyment. Perfume testing is included at all events, giving our clients the opportunity to explore and discover our multi-award winning Eau de Parfums, concentrated perfume oils and perfume waxes.

Our perfume workshops are fun, interactive and informative. The intention is not to be overly scientific but rather practical and entertaining! These workshops can be done at your offices, hired venues or the comfort of your own home.

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