Q:  How can I advance my career in the food industry?

A:  Cooking lessons prepares you for a range of exciting new career opportunities.

Q:  How can I increase my skills and knowledge of cooking?

A:  Cooking lessons aren’t just fun activities, it’s also a great way to increase your skills and knowledge of cooking, baking, catering, etc.

Q:  How do I become a better chef / baker / cook / caterer?

A:  First hand cooking lessons is by far the easiest and quickest way to becoming a better chef / baker / cook / caterer, etc.

Q:  Who should attend cooking lessons/classes?

A:  A range of lessons/courses are available to suit the needs of beginners to the experienced chefs and will appeal to cooks of all abilities

Q:  Cooking lessons/classes in Cape Town / Johannesburg?

A:  We have a variety of different types of courses and in different areas.

Q:  Can this cooking school take group bookings?

A:  Learners can attend the courses/lessons individually or arrange group bookings.

Q:  What theme can I have for my birthday party / hen party / bachelorette?

A:  Cooking Classes are a great and fun way of celebrating your birthday party / hen party / bachelorette, just include wine and the fun will start!

Q:  How can I get ideas and inspiration for recipes?

A:  During cooking lessons, your world will be opened up to new cooking ideas, sensations, flavours, combinations and much more inspiration for cooking.

Q:  Where can I find instructions and/or recipes for Banting?

A:  Cooking classes/lessons will teach you all about the various Banting options, how to cook, what to use, exciting recipes, etc.

Q:  Fun activities for couples?

A:  Cooking classes for couples is a great night out where you will both have a ton of fun and learn something.

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