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We teach all our swimming classes daily, Monday to Saturday (including Saturdays) in our heated, indoor swimming pool situated right next to Gordon’s Bay Primary School in Gordon’s Bay. We also cater for swimming parties.

Our swim teachers have been trained according to Swim Schools International’s (SSI) level of Training Standards, which begin with ethical standards, and moves toward specifics of teaching. Each class level has standards for how it should be taught and SSI Swim Centre have standards that maintain quality from one Swim Centre to another. Simply put, using standards means peace of mind for you.

Cost Starting from R100 for 20 min
Subjects Swimming Lessons
Ages 3 – 17
Levels Beginner, ,
Experience 1 – 3 Years

Lesson Info

Our standardized lesson plan is tailored to the individual swimmer based on ability, not on a timeframe for completion. If your swimmer is ready to move up to the next level, the lesson plan flexibility allows for that to occur on an individualized basis, instead of waiting for the entire class to reach the final goals for the level.

Classes are set to a maximum 4:1 student:teacher ratio, so swimmers get individualized attention while learning skills. Typically classes are scheduled to be held twice a week, for 20 minutes per lesson. We also offer one-to-one, private swimming classes and lessons.

We offer the following classes:
◾Aquatike 1
◾Aquatike 11
◾Aquatike 111
◾Preschool Beginner
◾Advanced Preschool Beginner
◾Beginner 1
◾Beginner 11
◾Beginner 111

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