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Stand Up Paddling has no age limit, it is not gender specific and can be performed anywhere you have a body of water like the ocean, canals, rivers, dams, lakes, etc. It is a wholesome, fun and healthy activity and it can be as calm or extreme as you wish it to be.
I have the passion, experience and equipment to get you going in no time and once you have the hang of it you can decide which of the more specialised disciplines we offer you would like to pursue.

Cost Starting from R300 for 60 min
Subjects Technique, Etiquette, Safety
Ages 5 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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At the beginners lesson I will teach you all you need to know to get started and from there you can decide which discipline of the sport you want to pursue. We will have you up and going within an hour, below are the items you will be taught in your first lesson: Board design and handling, Paddle handling and adjustment; Getting on the board and stance; Paddle stroke technique, stopping and turning the board; and lastly safety. Downwinding is an extreme and advanced form of SUPing and not recommended for beginners as it requires specialised skills and techniques. Wave Riding or Surfing is lots of fun but also hazardous for the person on the board and other ocean users if the rider is not properly trained and not aware of surfing etiquette. Do it right first time, let me teach you proper technique and etiquette.

Flatwater paddling is a great way to just explore and cruise or if you crave the adrenaline derived from fierce competition flatwater racing will get you in peak shape. There are loads of skill and technique involved all of which I teach.

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