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Singing has been one of the most powerfully positive influences in my life. It has pulled me through some deeply difficult times and offered me a source of healing and joy. I often find myself feeling the most expressive and openly ‘me’ when I sing and write songs. Very few things in life are as fulfilling as being able to use your singing voice freely and without restraint and I have dedicated a large part of my life to helping people find and express their true singing voices. I grew up in a very musical home. My mother is a wonderful singer and songwriter and together we would sing a wide variety of songs, ranging from The Beatles to those great ones from Fiddler on the Roof! My true loves in my teenage years were Motown Soul and Rock, not to mention Jazz! To this day they are still top of my list when people ask me what my influences are, although I have explored most genres of singing and enjoy singing and writing Rock and jamming out with my band. I have recorded two EP’s and a full band album to date and there is more to come! I always loved to sing but suffered tremendously with performance anxiety and stage fright.

This keeps me continually empathetic for those facing this battle and I want you to know, that if that is you, IT CAN GET BETTER! Through continuously taking opportunities to perform and truly learning what it was to take control of my voice, I managed to get better at handling those anxious feelings and get more comfortable with sharing my talent up on stage. At the age of 21 (after 2 years of private singing training) I spread my wings and went overseas which was the start of a fantastic singing career, in which time, I had valuable experiences singing in most styles including Celtic and Euro Pop, working with great bands and amazingly talented people in the industry and having radio, TV and recording opportunities which have all helped me to gain a wide knowledge of what it is to be a singer surviving in a very demanding industry. On top of all of that, many an hour was spent in the dark dungeons of University libraries where I studied everything I could on singing and how the voice works.

Interviews with different singers and teachers, specialists and doctors and studying different programmes all helped me to develop a strong ethos on vocal training. To really get a grip on the understanding that our voices are produced out of a physical body that we have to work with and processes that we have to learn to co-ordinate in order to get the smoothest, strongest and most stress-free sound…..anyway, don’t even get me started! This is something I’m so passionate about I could go on forever!

Simply put, I am a Mom and I have my own business but I take the time to constantly pursue being a singer and songwriter. I love being a singing teacher. I love seeing people reach their full potential with their voices. I am very blessed to be able to do what I do.

Cost Starting from R131 for 30 min
Subjects Vocal Lessons
Ages 5 – 100
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Our singing lessons are designed to meet your specific needs. When we meet at our evaluation lesson (which is free…and where you DON’T have to sing!!) we get to know each other. I listen to where You are at and what You need and then I explain to you how I go about the singing lessons; my teaching methods etc and YOU get to decide if that is what you are looking for. Even though all my students learn the same basic principles that are essential for healthy, successful singing, I ensure that your singing lessons are tailored and geared towards the goals that You have laid out. We have beginner, intermediary and advanced levels of singing lessons through which, after we have determined where you are at, you will work through at your OWN PACE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO READ MUSIC! However, if you would like to learn theory and achieve your grades in singing, we offer the Rockschool syllabus ( a non-classical grading system which is based on more current and up-to-date singing styles) or the Trinity syllabus, which is our classical grading system.

We at Legacy also understand that not only do your skills need to improve but YOUR CONFIDENCE has to improve alongside those skills so that you are able to apply what you have learnt successfully without your nerves taking over and dampening the joy and excitement of sharing your talent.

You can choose to make your singing lessons performance orientated where we will include a once a month ‘crit’ on your performances within class and then as you gain confidence we have a permanent performance hall where you get to sing in a band set up for friends and family. When you leave Your singing lessons it is important that You feel that You are improving and achieving Your desired outcome. All the while, Your confidence levels are growing as we work together to develop you into the best singer you can be.

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