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QUE PASA LATIN LOUNGE: Que Pasa Latin Lounge, Home of Salsa in Cape Town & friend to all that is Latino! As the 1st and therefore the oldest Salsa Studio & Nightclub in South Africa, Que Pasa boasts dance classes 6 days a week, incorporating every style and encouraging dance development throughout the industry! Being a registered Nightclub with a cash bar, Que Pasa also hosts 3 parties a week, giving students & salsa lovers a place to dance, socialise, meet up, practice, have fun and learn to appreciate Latin music more. Que Pasa’s an institution in Cape Town, having more than 50’000 people go through its’ doors since its’ inception. For more info on what we offer on the class or club side, visit the Que Pasa Latin Lounge website (link above).

JOHN MORRISON: Whilst John was born in Cape Town, his family moved around the world a lot, exposing him to various cultures, styles & art forms. “Dance” touch his soul from a young age, and after coming across a couple of competitions, a fire woke in his belly. He wanted to compete, perform & win. Taking private lessons in secret with Eddie Goudge (British Ballroom Champion) and Kevin Juul (South African Latin Champion), he competed & came first in many competitions both in South African & Internationally. During his travels, John was fortunate to move in Latin Communities and was introduced to Salsa Dancing from the roots up, giving him an unique perspective on Salsa, not just as a Salsero, but a well-rounded Dancer.

After teaching abroad for himself & social dance studios (Fred Astaire, Arthur Murray, Dance Domain, etc), he arrived back in Cape Town, South Africa wanting to share his Salsa experience with locals in 2001. At that stage there was NO Salsa in Cape Town at all. For 8 months he trained dance teachers for local dance studio, trying to get them interested in Salsa. No one took Salsa seriously at that time, so after some encouragement to go out & start something that no one else was doing, he founded “Salsa Cape Town” … a satellite dance studio running from a club called Bossa Nova. Salsa Cape Town was where salsa was born in Cape Town. The first class of 7 people soon grew into 150 per night, and Bossa Nova grew too small for John’s Salsa classes. Hence in 2004, Que Pasa Latin Lounge was launched on the same night as his daughter Mia Morrison was born. Since then Que Pasa has grown from strength to strength. Que Pasa is known for the best music, the best dancers, the best teachers & the best dance tuition in Cape Town.

John’s instruction is known to be methodical, breaking each move down the way a true technician would. Not only teaching footwork, but lead, men’s & ladies style, shines & dance technique. Every student/teacher taught by John, has a first understanding of dance, how to execute & perform on stage & on the social dance floor. John Morrison’s accolades include:

… Dancing for British Royalty in London UK.
… Dancing competitively around the world.
… Choreographing for major commercials & international movies.
… Teaching on National Television numerous times.
… Creating South Africa’s 1st dedicated Salsa Nightclub.
… Creating South Africa’s 1st Salsa performance Team.
… Dancing for more Corporate & Charity events than anyone else.
… Training some of the Best Salsa Teachers in Cape Town & Joburg.
… Training Latin DJ’s & developing the Latin Music scene in Cape Town.
… The only person in South Africa to single-handedly host & promote 3x Salsa Festivals.
… Dance for & promote serious Latin brands like “Havana Club Rum” in South Africa.

Cost Starting from R80.00 for 60 min
Subjects Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Argentine Tango, Swing, Lindy Hop, Ballroom and Latin, Wedding Dances
Ages 16 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

Lesson Info

We have lessons 7 days a week …

… 7pm Beginner Swing
… 8pm Beginner Lindy Hop
… 7pm Advanced Salsa
… 8pm Beginner Salsa+Kizomba+Bachata
… 6pm Intermediate Kizomba
… 7pm Intermediate Bachata
… 8pm Intermediate Salsa
… 7pm Advanced Salsa
… 8pm Beginner Salsa+Kizomba+Bachata

Friday – Sunday
bookings are essential
Costs vary depending on the package that you take:
… Bulk Buy – 10x1hr classes = R2000 (R200/hour)
… Regular – 4x1hr classes = R1000 (R250/hour)
… Once off – 1x1hr class = R300 (R300/hour)

every Saturday
different dances
different levels
call to confirm

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