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Sailing Cape Town Poul-Ejnar H

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We have been teaching sailing since . We teach sailing for recreational use and as a career. We have many families hiring yachts in the Med, Turkey, Caribbean or Thailand. We have taught many young people who now sails professionally anywhere in the world and a number of students who have bought a yacht and use it for recreational use in South African Waters.

Cost Starting from R4500 for 50 min
Subjects sa
Ages 15 – 75
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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We are based at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, We teach deep-sea sailing in the bay and have our class room in the club. We teach right from beginners to Yachtmaster Offshore. All our instructors are dedicate sailors having sailed many miles all over the world. We teach because we love the sea and enjoy passing on our knowledge to other people. Our success speaks for itself with the numbers of skippers which we have taught and who now sail at the Royal Cape Yacht Club

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