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Theewater Sailing Academy, a SAS (South African Sailing) & ISAF (International Sailing Federation) certified sail training center, runs it’s sailing lessons at the beautiful Theewaterskloof Dam, one of the largest fresh water dams in South Africa, in the Cape Winelands, just outside Villiersdorp. Theewaterskloof provides a safe family environment with a variety of wind & water conditions, the perfect place for youths & adults to learn to sail dinghies, Hobies & keelboats. The Sailing School also provides youth sailing camps, family sailing lessons, Hobie sailing lessons, keelboat lessons & the best tourist sailing in Cape Town.

Cost Starting from R900.00 for 600 min
Subjects Dinghy & Keelboat sailing lessons
Ages 9 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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If you want to learn to sail, nothing beats learning to sail a dinghy. Dinghy sailing lessons provide the best possible foundation for your sailing skills and an exhilarating pure form of sailing not experienced on bigger boats. If you learn to sail a dinghy it allows you to become part of a delicate balance between wind, water, boat & crew. You glide along, just inches from the water, one hand on the tiller and the other on the sheet, and instantly feel a reaction for every action you take.

Watch the sailing programs on TV or browse through the sailing magazines and you may think that to learn how to sail a dinghy is difficult, but that’s not the case. To learn to sail a dinghy is really very simple; a skilled instructor can teach you the basics of dinghy sailing in a weekend. Most beginners are able to sail a dinghy on their own after just a few days of dinghy sailing lessons.

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