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I am a qualified pole fitness instructor and the owner of The Pole Project. I used to work as a lawyer, but abandoned the corporate life to pursue my passion for pole dance and fitness. Every day, I inspire and empower men and women by teaching them how to defy the laws of gravity.

I have immersed herself in various dance forms since a young age. My passion for the arts feeds into my appreciation of the athleticism and artistry of pole dance.

My biggest reward is watching my students grow fitter and stronger, which in turn grows their confidence and inner strength as they conquer new challenges on every level with this incredible athletic art form. There’s nothing like that look of exhilaration on a student’s face when they achieve what they once believed was impossible!

Cost Starting from R80 for 90 min
Subjects Pole Dancing
Ages 16 – 50
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Pole dance is a beautiful melange of gymnastics, circus and dance elements that delivers a rigorous full body workout. It is intense body resistance training and cardio in one, and helps to develop flexibility, coordination and insane core strength.

Many fitness regimes focus only on changing the way we look. It’s about the end result and not the process. Pole fitness changes that perception by teaching skill-based moves that are challenging yet fun. This redirects the energy from what your body LOOKS like towards what it can DO. Pole dance as a performing art, is also an outlet for creativity and artistic expression.

When your sport becomes a hobby, working out no longer feels like a chore.

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