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Andriesa Verloop is the founder and director of Pilates Dynamics Studio and Wellness Centre.  Andriesa opened the studio in 2008 and continues to share her passion for pilates through her teacher trainings.  She has studied a myriad of pilates styles and programs.  The centre is an upmarket Fitness Centre with 4 fully equipped studios and offers Pilates (various types) & Yoga to adults and children of all ages, for both individuals as well as for small groups.  Our team is made up of 8 highly skilled and versatile Pilates & Yoga Instructors.  Our clients are from various backgrounds and we deal with clients that have been referred to us by Chiropractors & Physiotherapists for rehabilitation, as well as professional sports people and anyone requiring general fitness who would like to train with a professional team of teachers/trainers and in a private environment with our very qualified teachers.

Pilates Dynamics also offer Pilates Teacher Training courses with a focus on alignment, muscular balance, dynamic and functional movement patterns, assessments, and movement modifications.  The courses are intensive and focussed on training instructors/teachers  that are highly regarded as versatile, successful and professional.  Our courses meet all the requirement of the prestigious Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Teacher Training Program.


Cost Starting from R120 for 60 min
Subjects Pilates and Yoga
Ages 4 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience e: 5 – 8 Years

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Our training is focused on the individual’s needs and goals. The focus could be either Rehabilitation, Sports, and/or Fitness & Toning. Our training is safe, yet very challenging.

Our group classes are fun, yet challenging and exercises are varied to keep it interesting. There is never a boring session/class at Pilates Dynamics. Our trainers are constantly learning and evolving in order to keep classes exciting.

PILATES DYNAMICS STUDIO & WELLNESS CENTER is a professional studio that offers the following services to ADULTS & CHILDREN:
– Pilates (Barre Burn & Pre- and Post Natal
– Yoga
– Boot Camp (Personal Training in a small group)
– Body Composition Evaluation
– Chiropractic Services
– Massage & Reflexology Therapies

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