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I am a Body Control Pilates Instructor Qualified in Mat work, Pregnancy,Reformer and Wunda Chair Pilates together with various props. Going into my seventh year of teaching Pilates and my enthusiasm has not waned, in fact my passion has become even more passionate.
Mother of a beautiful little 8 year old girl. I am an avid Ariel Silks fanatic and have performed at the annual Silks Showcase with The Silk Workshop.
I do Pilates almost every day, I love how it makes my body feel and that it keeps all those various aches and pains away. I also thoroughly enjoy a challenging kettle bell session, and am trained in Kettle bell ballistics. And I love Pilates!

Cost Starting from R100 for 55 min
Subjects Pilates
Ages 3 – 100
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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We offer Group classes, Kiddie classes, Private sessions,Duet sessions, Teen classes and The Men’s Class. We, at Love Pilates, are passionate about movement in all its different forms. We do Pilates, Yoga, Cardio and Ariel Silks to keep the blood pumping and the muscles strong and supple.

We aim to give you that same passion in the hopes that you find that Pilates is an awesome form of exercise, challenging you in your own body, allowing you to find release in the movement of your body, finding strength that you didn’t know you had, or could develop, and giving you that all powerful stress reliever from the business of daily living.

Pilates offers you an hour of time to yourself, to focus on your own body, to find a little bit of ‘me time’ in this busy world.

And as with everything that evolves, so have we. We are also a teaching studio of all Pilates denominations. Pilates is Pilates no matter where you study and we love teaching what we know, sharing our knowledge to help You become the best at what you do. Come for group classes, invest time in yourself with private sessions and coaching is available too.

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