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Lauren first started practicing Pilates in 2002 and with regular attendance overcame chronic back injuries sustained by a severe car accident in her childhood years. Thanks to the Pilates method, she now lives a pain-free life and strives to help others optimize their health.

Teaching since 2004, Lauren is internationally qualified in Personal Training and achieved her National Diploma from The Exercise Teachers Academy, South Africa. Lauren specializes in Pilates with a focus on rehabilitation. She also offers YogaLates – a unique fusion of Yoga & Pilates. In 2012 Lauren completed her theory in Body Intelligence, allowing her to instruct individuals with injuries*. More recently in 2014, Lauren is now certified to instruct prenatal and postnatal pregnancy exercise classes*.

Lauren now runs her own studio and online-based classes as co-founder of One of her favorite quotes “be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi

Cost Starting from R200 for 45 min
Subjects Pilates
Ages 16 – 100
Levels Beginner, Intermediate,
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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The focus of my teaching is predominantly injury prevention and corrective technique of the Pilates method. That being said, I also like to keep the flow of the class, meaning that even though there are some detailed explanations, there is still plenty of movement to eliminate stagnation. I recommend daily practice for those who require rehabilitation, but for those on maintenance I recommend a 2-3x per week practice (alongside other forms of movement – such as cardiovascular exercise).
My lessons are real time, allowing you to follow at home or while travelling and keep up with your fitness. I provide some techniques to “self -correct” meaning that you can check your own alignment while performing the moves. Equipment needed is mostly just a mat, and when additional props are used I mention how you could modify with regular household items. I look forward to help coaching you towards a healthier version of how you feel right now. Humans are designed to move in millions of movement cycles over more than 110 year lifespan! Living a sedentary lifestyle is the worst situation for a humanbeing – so let’s get you moving in a healthy a balanced way!

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