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Andre has been a photographer for over a decade in both the domestic and commercial fields. Noticing that so many people nowadays have a digital camera and the hunger to learn how to use it to it’s full potential, he decided to start a school and has since taught 100’s of budding photographers, some of which have become professionals or at least improved their skills so much they can do their own product shoots, wildlife shoots and family shoots. Level 2 of this course expands on your knowledge and takes it to a whole new exciting level with location visits and high speed action shooting. Andre is a patient instructor who will not move on until all the class has “got it” !

Cost Starting from R500.00 for 120 min
Subjects Camera Handling
Ages 12 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate,
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Who should do this course?
A really great practical course on “how to use your digital SLR Camera” Tips and Tricks from a pro photographer. Fun and constructive weekly assignments and small group attention. Bring your camera and your creativity Minimum age 12
2 time slots – Saturday afternoons 14h00-16h00 / Wednesday evenings 18h00-20h00
Early Booking essential, subject to availability
Great for photographic enthusiasts to improve their skills
Great buddy gift if you’re thinking of buying someone a camera
Great for someone who has a fab camera and no idea how to use it
Great for Mums and Dads who always mess up their kids “greatest moments” !
Great for people who think instructions manuals suck !
Great for those of you who already take good snap shots, turn them into great ones.
Level One SLR Camera Course Breakdown:
3 modules of 2 hours each
Module One: Understanding of Aperture Settings, Iso and Shutter Speed and Exposure Compensation, including practical use of your camera and 1st Home work assignment.
Module Two: Feedback from Module One, Lighting, Action Photography (the how to), Continuous Frame Shooting and Continuous Focus, hands on practice as well as 2nd Home work assignment.
Module Three: Feedback from Module Two, histograms explained, white balance, composition and portrait lighting
Price: R1500

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