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Photography today is as much a multidimensional skill as it is a love for the image making process. Our challenge at the Cape Town School of Photography is to develop creative, thinking photographers who embrace these challenges and look beyond the lens of predictability.

We teach a very practical hands-on curriculum, giving maximum individual attention to our students. For this reason our class sizes are strictly limited and once we reach our maximum, the class enrollments are closed. In terms of applying for a place, we invite students to show us an existing body of work. If you do not have images you would like to show, we are happy to set you a portfolio assignment, the choice is yours. The purpose of the portfolio is to see whether you have an eye and to get a sense of where your interest lies. As we will be teaching you from scratch we are less interested in your camera skills than your eye and your passion.

Cost Starting from R2500 for 45 min
Subjects Photography
Ages 10-60
Experience : 10+ Years

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Our lecturers are all practicing photographers or artists in their fields, exposing the student to a considered and varied spectrum of input and critique. The full-time two year course combines sound technical training with creative and conceptual development. Students are taught traditional film and darkroom processes, as well as digital photography together with the relevant software and digital image management skills.  The school is equipped with a darkroom, a computer lab and a photographic studio where students are exposed to a variety of skill sets that can be used within the photographic industry.

In addition to what students learn throughout the year in class, the outcomes of the first year include:

  • A Technical Portfolio which demonstrates the student’s technical photographic skills.
  • A Personal Portfolio which includes personal, creative work.

At the end of the second year students will leave with:

  • A Commercial Portfolio
  • A Personal Portfolio
  • A website and/or blog
  • A good knowledge of the business of photography

Equipment Requirements

  • 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) digital camera
  • A professional tripod
  • A Speedlight flash with manual and TTL functions (preferably with remote function as well)
  • External hard drive (500 GIG minimum)
  • All printing and mounting costs during the course will be for the student’s account.

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