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Swallow15 Music School is a music school situated in Strubensvalley, Roodepoort.
The school offers musical training in electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano/keyboard as well as vocals. Swallow15 aims to teach and empower students through music with a specific focus on contemporary music. Swallow15 currently teaches 1,400 students a week at 25 different schools where we manage 45 teachers at these schools.

Cost Starting from R495 for 30 min
Subjects Guitar, piano, vocals, drums
Ages 7 – 100
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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We have been teaching music to kids for 15 years. We offer a syllabus that is relevant and inspiring to youngsters. Swallow15 adds to schools in more ways than just music lessons. Our teachers are rock stars themselves and appear as celebrities on television. Our teachers are the best! We employ young rock stars with a passion for people and especially kids. Our company brings a positive energy to any school. We bring the no.1 music school in this country to your doorstep. Our administration system runs on its own, we don’t need any help from the school’s administration staff. We operate on the same calendar as the schools where we teach. We teach in both Afrikaans and English and have our own existing exams for all the instruments we teach, and we include Trinity and Rock school exams where it’s needed. There are silencers on all our gear, so we won’t disrupt other classrooms, not even with the drums. Where Swallow15 is involved there will be a love for music.

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