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My name is Jenni Morrison. I’m a qualified Foundation Phase, Remedial and Music teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience. I have had the privilege of teaching in a variety of environments – from rural schools to township schools and private schools in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. In my teaching experiences, I found that the music and movement lessons were often the place where perceptual or developmental delays were discovered. This was also the place where the children I taught were able to express their emotions through the medium of music and find joy and healing, no matter what they were dealing with. With this in mind, I left full-time teaching and in 2012 I started developing the Junior Jive music and movement programme, specifically to help children from the age of 4 months old to develop their perceptual, gross and fine motor skills whilst also developing their emotional and social skills.

Cost Starting from R150.00 for 30 min
Subjects Music and Movement for Preschoolers
Ages 1 – 5
Levels Beginner
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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The Junior Jive curriculum is child-centred, is based on the developmental stages of the child, and takes the needs of the child into consideration. And most importantly it provides opportunities for children to experience the joy of music through participation and learning!

The key to giving your children an unfair advantage when moving on to “big school” lies in providing scheduled music and movement lessons where school readiness skills practiced in class are reinforced on a weekly basis through music.

Junior Jive combines music training with movement, because we believe that activities which regularly involve movement can help children improve their balance, coordination and spatial awareness. It serves as great physical exercise, which helps release endorphin’s, making them feel happier and healthier. In addition, it is also important in developing a child’s basic motor skills, builds self-esteem and improving social relationships with other children.

If you would like to make Junior Jive part of your curriculum or extracurricular activities to give the children at your school the unfair advantage of whole brain learning through music and movement, please contact us.

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