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Reading is the most effective tool to experience the past, understand the present and invest in the future!

We are proud to welcome you to Wise Eye Reading Laboratory, Somerset West.

Wise Eye is the only reading program that makes use of an infrared tracking and recording instrument, called a Visagraph. This advanced digital diagnostic instrument takes 120 measurements per second of the eyes’ movements during silent reading, which enables us, for the first time, to scientifically and graphically analyse the effectiveness of an individual’s reading ability and identify shortcomings.

The Wise Eye Reading Program works wonders! We guarantee a minimum of 2 grades improvement or your money back.

The Wise Eye Reading Program is an In-Practice program which is combined with Home Therapy. At Wise Eye we believe in individual attention and all sessions are graded according to the individual’s progress.

Cost Starting from R300.00 for 30 min
Subjects Reading
Ages 9 – 99
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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What makes Wise Eye different from other Reading Programs?
 We are the only reading program that uses the Visagraph to accurately, scientifically and graphically analyse an individual’s reading ability.
 We combine Home exercise with In-Practice exercise
 We have individual sessions (no groups)
 Wise Eye is available in Afrikaans and English
 We have a money back guarantee!!

The Wise Eye Reading Program has been developed to assist poor readers to become good readers, good readers to become exceptional readers and to assist readers of all ages to read more effectively and reach their goals. It is the most important step towards fast, effortless reading with excellent comprehension.

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