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Martin Combrinck is the founder of Laughter for Africa and has trained personally with Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, in South Africa and in India. Dr Kataria is also the Patron of Laughter for Africa.

Martin has been conducting Laughter Yoga & Coaching seminars, workshops & training in South Africa since 2007 and his speciality is delivering Laughter to the Corporate World. He conducted the very successful online Laughter Summit in 2014 – bringing Laughter Experts together in an online platform.

Besides being a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher in South Africa, he is also an international registered and qualified Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation Teacher. He holds a degree in Psychology and is a Wellness Coach and Consultant.

Martin and his wife, Anne, started Ananda Sanga Educational Institute in 1996 and they teach yoga and related disciplines to national and international students.

Cost Starting from R250.00 for 60 min
Subjects Laughter Yoga
Ages 8 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Laughter Yoga is a simple, yet very effective body-mind technique that is scientifically proven to counter stress and boost the immune system. It is designed to teach the body to laugh without depending on comedy, jokes or humour.

Laughter Yoga is a combination of easy laughter exercises and simple breathing and relaxation exercises (derived from yoga). There is not other connection to yoga. No yoga experience is necessary. You can practice laughter yoga at any stage of your life!

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