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She has extensive experience in the golfing industry has included:
Consultant Professional to the Western Province Golf Foundation Junior Program, Assistant Tournament Director for the 2004/5 Nedbank Women’s Golf Tour, Player and Development Manager, Events Planner and client liaison officer for the Women’s World Cup of Golf, General Manager SA Golf Institute Academy’s in SA, School golf Development programme encouraging juniors to start the game and have a golf pathway.

She has attended international events to gain knowledge of tournament set-up and roll-out, including providing coaching and spending time with some of the top professionals at each event. Some of which are: the Solheim Cup, the Dubai Masters and the Dubai Classic. She has also participated in the SA Open which formed part of the SA Ladies Tour.

Lisa balances coaching with running the various aspects of the Cape Town Academy. Working closely with Grant Hepburn in launching the PGA Diploma she plays a big role in the Administration and management of the National Diploma in Professional Golf Training. She passionately ensures a high level of coaching and service to all clients. As a result Lisa is a sought after coach and a very efficient manager and event organizer.

Cost Starting from R270 for 30 min
Subjects Golf
Ages 4 – 82
Levels , Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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This is a totally new and unique concept in South Africa. The idea is to have access to unlimited lessons all year round for an annual fee.  If you are in a program offering unlimited lessons you will be able to slot into numerous sessions a week along with other learners.  In those sessions you will be able to work on your swing under the supervision of our highly trained coaches.  Many people take lessons and then don’t practice what they have been coached in the correct manner.  In an Unlimited Lessons scenario you will be able to practice perfectly every time.  If you are having trouble on a particular day you will able to receive a lesson from your coach during the practice session.  Your swing and golf game will be under constant supervision and you will be learning new things about your game all year round.


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