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André was born in Worcester and moved to Cape Town at the age of 7. He is a natural sportsman and became a good golfer in a short time despite only taking up the game in his late teens.

André received a diploma in Club Management and Golf Directorship from Damelin in 2007 but his real passion is coaching and he is now enrolled with the PGA. For the last 8 years Andre has focused on teaching and helping golfers of all levels to understand their swings and improve their golf game. He has an amazing eye for identifying problem areas and is able to communicate the solutions in a patient and clear manner. His results are excellent and he has quickly built a following of golfers that swear by his expertise.

Cost Starting from R480 for 60 min
Subjects Golf
Ages 4 – 90
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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High Performance Program

Golfers will focus their efforts on becoming good enough to play at a high level, perhaps even becoming a touring professional.  They will enjoy a competitive group environment with supervised practice and coaching sessions every day.  Coaches will accompany the golfers on practice rounds to record stats, advise on shot selection and also to monitor technique under playing conditions.

The SA Golf Institute will manage the group in terms of advising them on schedules and planning as well as accompanying them to various tournaments.

Nutrition, Fitness and Sports Psychology advice will also be available through our expert partners in the relevant fields.  This area of development is important and we will manage and supervise the program for the golfers.

Junior or Part Time High Performance

This is mostly for school-going children who cannot do golf full time.  They will be able to practice and play in a group environment and receive unlimited coaching in their sessions.  As with the Full Time High Performance Program they will receive on course coaching at scheduled SA Golf Institute practice rounds and we will keep a record of their stats and monitor their progress through regular skills tests.

For those that require chaperoning to tournaments, especially in the case of events that are outside of Cape Town we will be able to provide that service.  This option will be an extra cost and is especially helpful for advanced juniors playing in Order of Merit tournaments.  We will accompany groups of our players to these tournaments, which will save the parents the time and cost of having to travel with their children to the events.

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