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Candi is a life-long dog lover and has never been without at least one dog since she got her first dog at age four. She currently shares her life with four border collies, two border collie crosses, a Labrador and a terrier mix. Being very involved in rescue, she also often has a foster dog or two in the house.

Candi holds a Diploma in Marketing Management and worked in information management before being bitten by the dog training bug. After assisting and teaching in various training classes in the Johannesburg area, she felt there was a need for classes in her area, specifically to address the concerns of dog owners in a fairly dense urban environment, and opened her Furbabies Training School in Johannesburg in 2008. She also currently works part-time as a receptionist at her local vet.

Her experience, extensive education and commitment to ongoing studies in her field ensure a top notch training experience for Furbabies dogs and handlers.

Candi believes that great training starts with having a great relationship with your dog, which is what she hopes to help everyone attending her classes to achieve. She is devoted to helping keep dogs in homes using proper early socialisation and training and by encouraging owner education. In this way she hopes to help owners get the most out of their relationship with their companion.

Cost Starting from R for 60 min
Subjects dog training, obedience training, puppy training, dog behaviour consults
Ages 0 – 100
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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urbabies Training School offers premiere puppy training classes (puppy school) for puppies 8 weeks and up, covering basic obedience training, troubleshooting common puppy issues, socialising and more. We offer obedience training classes for dogs of all ages and breeds. Further obedience and fun training classes are offered for Furbabies graduates.

We use effective, easy to learn and scientifically proven training methods. Our training philosophy is to work with dogs and their owners in a way that is respectful to both while still producing excellent results. Furbabies offers dog and owner-friendly dog training, with the emphasis on keeping things simple, straightforward and fun. We help people to communicate clearly what sort of behaviour they would like from their dogs, without resorting to scaring their dogs or undermining the dog-owner relationship.

Classes are taught by Candi Moon, who is a highly qualified puppy and dog trainer and is Super Pup certified.

Furbabies was established in 2008 and we are specifically geared to assist owners to train a companion dog who fits in well in all aspects of their lives. A dog who barks all day in a town house complex, or becomes uncontrollable on walks, presents a serious problem for owners and it is just these kind of issues that Furbabies was established to assist with and to help prevent.

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