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Candice (28) received her M.A. in Culture Studies in 2016 (i.e. Human-Animal Studies with a specific focus on dog-human partnerships and training techniques in dog sport). Her preceding degrees: B.A. (majoring in psychology and business management) and Honours in Psychology (with a focus on Animal-Assisted Therapy). She began formally training her first GSD (Raven) 5 years ago with the addition of her second dog (Bindi) in 2013. Raven came 2nd in her Beginner group and placed 1st in the Novice Obedience class at the 2015 KUSA Winter Classic. Bindi is being trained for IPO.
Candice was elected as a dog trainer on the committee of the local GSDFSA dog club in 2012 where she went on to assist in training GSDs of all ages using motivational techniques. Upon diverging from the GSD club in 2014, Candice opened Fetch! Puppy School in July of the same year with her training partner, Christa Henning. In just one year the school became so popular that over 30 puppies graduated from the program.
Candice then went on to establish Fetch! K9 Services: a personal dream for many years, which officially opened its doors on 2 Feb 2015. The doggy day care program and boarding facility has afforded her the invaluable opportunity to expand on her knowledge in dog behaviour, training, and management on a daily basis.
Beyond dog clubs and entrepreneurial endeavours, she has attended numerous dog training and behavioural seminars conducted by Vera Drummond (an acclaimed dog behaviourist and professional trainer in SA) and frequently travels to Joburg for supplementary training with her mentor. Her M.A. topic allowed her to travel extensively throughout SA shadowing some of the top
trainers in the country as well as research a vast range of training and kennel management methods.

Cost Starting from R100 for 60 min
Subjects Puppy school
Ages 12 – 70
Levels , , Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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We offer two puppy courses designed to suite the age of the pup:

1) SUPER PUP is a 6-week course for puppies between the ages of 8-14 weeks. The course constitutes one session per week on Saturday mornings (time TBA; depends on weather). A “puppy graduation” forms part of your 6 sessions, whereby you and your pup can show off the skills you’ve both learned during your time with us. Super Pup offers your pup a well-rounded, positive socialisation experience (new people, new experiences, other pups, older dogs, etc.), as well as relevant topic discussions, sensory stimulation, weekly access to our obstacle course, and basic training exercises.

2) STEP-PUP covers the same content as the Super Pup program but is designed to cater for older puppies that are a bit too bouncy and boisterous to socialise gently with very young pups. This course also takes place on Saturday mornings straight after Super Pup (time TBA) and constitutes 6 puppy lessons and 4 doggy day care sessions. Pups focus on training exercises and obstacle navigation during class time, and then socialise to their hearts content with larger/older dogs on one full day a week for 4 weeks during doggy day care hours at the Fetch! K9 Services Centre.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY TOP-UP: Each course also has the option to add on more socialisation sessions for your puppy at doggy day care for a discounted price per session as part of the puppy school package. This is a great opportunity to ensure thorough socialisation and to familiarise your pup with the facility should you ever have to book your dog in while on holiday.

TRAINING TECHNIQUES: Fetch! promotes modern, force-free training methods meaning that pups are trained by motivational techniques. Motivational training is based on the theory that one can use the natural drives of a dog (the drive for food, play, and prey) in training. Therefore, we mainly use food rewards, with the occasional use of toys too, to gently encourage the animal into the behaviours that we desire. Absolutely NO forceful, negative or dominant experiences are used to shape the dog’s behaviour.

FACILITIES & SAFETY: Each session is designed and delivered with the utmost care, and takes place in a completely controlled and safe environment (i.e. a large walled-in yard). Our “puppy playground” is fully equipped with stations for sensory stimulation, colourful obstacles, and all-round, four-legged fun. We also guarantee that all other dogs and animals on the property are securely separated from the puppy yard, and have been properly vaccinated and treated for parasites (ticks, fleas, and worms) on a strict schedule.

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