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James is husband to Alexa, daddy to Lily (the human baby) and Ceezi (the canine baby). Living a Blessed life thanking God daily for the gifts he has been given. For any questions, you can visit his blog or make contact directly.

Sharing life experiences and lessons of trying to understand dogs and human relationships better with James, Alexa, Lily and Bibi.
Effectively communicating with dogs or the phrase people generally tend to understand better,Dog Whispering, is a natural ability like that of any art. It is a natural skill set gifted to the individual developed through time and patience. ‘Natural’ cannot be taught in schools and finding the correct balance between all and every teaching is imperative whilst merging them with ones natural intuition is key. James holds qualifications in Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (UK) and Dog Trainer. From Poodles to Great Danes he consults in a wide variety of behaviours (being problem-behaviours or not) that owners experience with their best friend.
James’s approach is based on the foundation of meeting your best friend’s trio of:
[Body, Mind & Fulfilment] with the belief of “Progress, not Perfection”.

Using a variety or techniques, scenarios, methods and tools that the owner is most comfortable with in correcting certain behaviour and training your dog. No methods are ever forced on anyone and no methods are used if not needed.

James’s success is attributed to treating each case as an individual and unqiue. One of the major limitations he feels we have in an academic world is the tendancy to follow protocol. A tendency to follow a list and say these are the steps and if it didn’t work for this dog and or person then there is something wrong with the dog and or person and nothing can be done. Maybe there is something wrong with the protocol? Perhaps what is needed is to take the extra step to evaluate each dog and owner as an individual by taking the extra time and resources to coach the dog and owner to a place that they want to be. The end product is an impactful moment where the dog and owner are made great. It’s the journey, it’s the about the PROGRESS, not the Perfection on the first try.

Visiting this site and or booking a session could be the catalyst to helping you and your dog achieve that moment of greatness in your relationship and taking that next step of vitory.

Cost Starting from R100 for 60 min
Subjects Dog Training
Ages 16 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Services: Behaviour Rehabilitation, Dog Training, Weight Loss, Pack Walking, Service Dog Training, Baby newborns and pregnant mothers training, Snake Detection and Avoidance Training.

-A dog behaviourist is a person who works in modifying behavior in dogs. Example: Aggression, trouble on walks, destruction, peeing or pooing in the house.
-Dog training is teaching a response to cues or commands, or the performance of actions not necessarily natural to the dog.
An easy way to explain the difference between behaviour and training is that of the comparison between children. When a child is misbehaving and is displaying unwanted behaviour we like to say the child has a behaviour problem and one sorts out the behaviour from the root from which it stems. Either the child is full of energy, board, does not get enough stimulation throughout the day, has too much stimulation in the forms of television – mobiles etc. Now the same works with dogs, one can’t ‘train’ a dog to listen to standard commands if there is too much or too little stimulation as we would not be addressing the need of the dog from the root of the problem. Pretty much like trying to put a bandaid on something that needs deeper attention.

James builds relationships with all his clients but we prefer to get the work in without holding on to you for months on end which inevitably costs a client a fortune. We normally work with one consultation at the studio followed by one at your home if need be. Thereafter a compulsory two week follow up in order to make sure that all parties are putting in the work to generate the desired outcome. Therefor preferring to keep things simple, to the point and get the desired result in a shorter span of time if and where possible.

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