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Mónica Muñoz established Estilo Cubano Dance Group in 2004 and has been helping Salsa students in Johannesburg and Pretoria to get in touch with their bodies ever since.

The focus is to appreciate the enjoyment and fun naturally produced during Salsa and Afro Latino Dance moves.

Weekly lessons are held in various venues around Gauteng, ranging from beginner to advanced classes, thereby catering for all, from the few with two left feet to those who just need to refine their salsa skills.

Estilo Cubano Dance Classes are progressive and allow you to quickly and easily grasp the fundamentals of Salsa. You will begin by gaining general knowledge such as when to start dancing, when to lead or follow the Salsa turns. After just a few weeks you will be ready to learn more advanced moves and how to dance with feeling.

It is important to understand that Estilo Cubano teaches Cuban “CASINO” salsa which does not conform to the western choreographed ideas of the dance but rather stays true to its origins – where free-style dance is encouraged and celebrated.

Starting at the beginning and building step by step, Estilo Cubano inspires each person to find their inner Salsa Queen or King. Join us to discover the true meaning of Cuban Salsa!

Cost Starting from R250 for 60 min
Ages 12 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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Group classes are specifically planned to assist and guide you during the transition from feeling clumsy to self-assured. The classes cover leading and following techniques, the basics of partner working patterns, styling and more. You do not even need a partner or experience to begin the journey with us.

Private classes are the most beneficial to rapidly improving your salsa skills. You can move at your own pace, learning what you want to learn without any waste of time. One on one training is perfect for the individuals who are too shy to join the group classes until they feel reasonably competent or those whose time is valuable to them.

Rueda de Casino, is a circle, or wheel (rueda) of partners dancing in unison in response to the calls of the leader in the group. “Calls” in a Rueda include turns patterns, footwork sequences, and various games. Many of the calls for Rueda in Cuba speak to pop-culture themes and expressions, a repertoire that can expand and adapt to the many local cultures it encounters as it spreads throughout the globe.

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