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Steyns’ Culinary School, situated in Hatfield, Pretoria, is a unique educational establishment in that it endeavours to create opportunities for any person with a love for good food to come and learn how to cook in a hands-on-kitchen.

There are many demonstration kitchens in Gauteng, but few, if any, hands-on-kitchens where the students are able to learn by experience. Who are these courses for? In the first place courses will be presented for any person who loves cooking, or has a desire to learn how to cook.

Corporate teambuilding-through-cooking evenings; the training of prospective au pairs; the refining of housewives’ cooking abilities; the empowerment of unskilled persons; hobby cooking evenings; food-from-around-the-globe courses are all presented here. Students, teens and even children are also catered for.

Cost Starting from R420 for 180 min
Subjects Cooking
Ages 18 – 82
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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10 Weeks part time Course – This course is an introduction into the culinary arts with a major emphasis on practical cookery. Other components of the course include catering theory, food costing and menu planning. The course runs over 10 lessons (once a week- for 10 weeks) practical training at Steyns’ Culinary School. Upon completion the school will present the successful candidates with a certificate from the school. Days subject to change due to Public Holidays.

Fun cooking, once-off – What is your need? Do you want to learn how to make puff pastry? Would you like to learn how to bake Banting goods? Learn how to cook Greek food? Get a few friends together and we will present a course according to your need.

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