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Our Courses are internationally accredited by City & Guilds for our Professional Chef programmes and CTH of England for our Hospitality Management programmes. Study from anywhere in the World.
All your Studies will be conducted via e-mail and Internet, and do your Test on-line!

You can study in your own time, spare time or whenever you want – and then YOU decide when you want to Write your International examination.

All our theory study material will be provided on a CD. It is basically a self study course at home while you doing your practical work at the Hotel or Restaurant in which we will place you. The theory study manual will explain in detail what needs to be achieved; for example two assignments and test’s have to be completed each month etc. officials from City & Guilds of London audit us every 6 month and check on the student progress. While you work as a trainee, you will earn a small salary that will pay off the course fee. During the duration of the practical learner-ship, we will visit the student monthly for a practical assessment which we file in the POE for inspection. We have specifically developed this strategy to enable the not so wealthy to get a qualification. We are City & Guilds accredited
Please fill in the application form on: and return to us together with the Deposit and all relevant documents as in the application form required!!!

Cost Starting from R250.00 for 120 min
Subjects professional Cookery and Hospitality studies
Ages 16 – 80
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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City & Guilds Chef Certificate

102 K/503/7563 Safety at work 50 30
104 F/503/7844 Introduction to nutrition 20 10
105 D/503/7849 Prepare food for cold presentation 30 20
106 J/503/7845 Prepare, cook and finish foods by frying 40 30
107 L/503/7846 Prepare, cook and finish food by braising and stewing 80 60
108 R/503/7847 Prepare, cook and finish foods by boiling, poaching and steaming 110 100
109 Y/503/7848 Prepare, cook and finish food by baking, roasting and grilling 110 100
110 R/503/7850 Introduction to basic kitchen procedures 35 30
201 Y/503/7574 Introduction to the hospitality and catering industry 30 20
203 M/503/7578 Food safety in catering 30 20

City & Guilds Chef Diploma

105 D/503/7849 Prepare food for cold presentation 30 20
202 H/503/7576 Safety at work 60 40
203 M/503/7578 Food safety in catering 30 20
206 D/500/2681 Healthier foods and special diets 30 20
207 Y/503/7851 Prepare, cook and finish stocks, soups and sauces 60 40
208 D/503/7852 Prepare, cook and finish fish and shellfish dishes 60 40
209 H/503/7853 Prepare, cook and finish meat, poultry and offal 110 100
210 K/503/7854 Prepare, cook and finish vegetables, fruit and pulses 70 50
211 M/503/7855 Prepare, cook and finish rice, grain, farinaceous products and egg dishes 30 20
212 T/503/7856 Prepare, cook and finish bakery products 80 60
213 A/503/7857 Prepare, cook and finish hot and cold desserts and puddings 35 24
219 F/503/7858 Catering operations, costs and menu planning 50 40

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