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In describing myself, I have to say that I am an assertive and creative person. I am easy-going and very understanding towards the needs of others. I consider myself as being very loving, passionate, honest and loyal. I enjoy being outdoor and spending time with my family and friends.

Im a qualified Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer and enjoy working with people. Personal Training gives you the best value out of your gym membership. A personal trainer will ascertain your goals, availability and the types of things you enjoy, and then a plan can be formulated. A good exercise plan has the right mix of exercise types and recovery periods, avoiding counter-productive over-training.

Training with your personal trainer makes your hour at the gym more efficient. You don’t have to worry about which exercises you will be doing, how many sets or reps, how to adjust the equipment or whether you are doing the exercises correctly. You have the full attention of an expert and your fitness program is customised for any injuries or health concerns. Your personal trainer can liaise with your medical professional to create the best exercise plan for you. They can also nag you mercilessly about doing the rehab exercises you’d otherwise neglect!

Having one-on-one training gives you the ultimate flexibility in how you meet your goals. Most people see their Personal Trainer once or twice a week. There is no penalty for cancelling a session outside of 24 hours if something else comes up. If you have a lower body niggle your trainer can focus on the upper. If you’re a little under the weather your trainer can monitor your intensity carefully. Come lets have fun!!

Cost Starting from R350 for 45 min
Subjects Conditioning Coach, Boxing Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor
Ages 15 – 70
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience 1 – 3 Years

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I’m a qualified Boxing Instructor, its loads of fun and a fantastic workout overall. Kettlebells, its all about tecnique, once mastered you have endless fun workout routines, burns loads of calories. Functional Training integrated with cardio you’ll never get bored and hate cardio.

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