When I was young I was told I was tone deaf. There would never be any hope for me in music. By the age of 18 I was in a band.

My two best friends were budding guitarist and they were about to leave me behind to form a band. I had all the motivation in the world to save up money and buy my first real six string. I literally played until my fingers bled and no this was not way back in 69, nor did I ever progress to become famous, but I did teach myself a new skill. The only regret is that I didn’t seek out help from a professional sooner because….

Q: Why not teach yourself guitar?
A: Although its commendable, (it really is quite an achievement), and many famous people have actually taught themselves, the learning curve is way faster with a teacher. On our own we never get a true understanding of “how music works” and we also form bad habits which make it very hard to play more complicated songs as you progress.

Q: What do I need to start playing Guitar?
A: Naturally you will need a guitar. However before you rush out and buy something make sure to find a suitable teacher first and ask their advice. They will know what will be best for you, and probably where to get the best deal in your area.

Q: What if I want to only play electric guitar or bass?
A: Regardless of where you want to go it is always best to start with an acoustic. Electric Guitars will mask a lot of playing errors, which doesn’t help you progress. An Acoustic will give you the raw sound that makes it easier to understand what you are doing wrong or right.

Q: Who can learn guitar and at what age?
A: Anyone at any age. (well perhaps maybe older than 3 or 4) Even if ones ears appear to be tone deaf and ones fingers are as coordinated as salad, learning guitar with a teacher will help you overcome these obstacles and be proud of a new skill.

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