Q:  How can I improve my golf swing?

A:  The best way to improve your golf swing is to have it analysed and corrected by a professional couch.

Q:  What age is the best time to start playing golf?

A:  Golf can be played from anybody from the age of 5years old, however, older people can easily learn to play golf with the assistance of a coach or a few lessons.

Q:  What’s the benefit of Golf lessons?

A:  Golf is a very technical game and without lessons from a Pro, you might be making the same mistakes and playing the game will stay very frustrating.

Q:  Where can I go for Golf lessons?

A:  Golf lessons are available at most golf courses in major cities.

Q:  How many golf lessons is the best amount?

A:  The amount of golf lessons depend on individual requirements and current skill levels – some people will have to go through a serious of lessons while others will only require a few.


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