The People behind Lessons



Our co-founder comes from a lifetime of sport, adventure, a believe that sleeping gets in the way of fun and that the next action is always waiting for us to grab it!

Johan Taljaard is a keen snow-, sand- & wake boarder, cyclist, surfer (although he’s more known for “having a chat behind the waves” and saying “I’m so cold I can’t feel my feet, but let’s take one more wave” and all round ready-for-any-outdoor-activity kinda guy.

He’s always learning new skills, taking new lessons and learning how to do something new. His passion for a fun-filled life, success in other businesses and the desire to share this with others was the reasons for co-founding



The other half of the team is also a bit of an adrenaline junky, who kitesurfs, surfs, and loves dabbling with old stuff, like a 1958 Chevy 3600 Apache truck which he built with his farther in-law. (8 years and a massive learning curve). Darren’s background is in design & printing but being a typical entrepreneur soon realized he had a flair for marketing and moved his focus to the web.

About Lessons

Like everything in life, new businesses have to start somewhere and we are no different, although we didn’t quite start in a garden shed but not far from it, we are currently operating out of our converted cellar, unfortunately not the wine type.
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